Arc-Chill Collection

Arc-Chill Collection is one the most popular items from Japan. The technology was developed for hot and humid summers, and we have brought it here to share with you! We know it’s hot here, not just only in the summer, but most of the year.

Arc-Chill Collection consists of pillowcases, blankets, comforters in various sizes.

Arc-Chill Collectio is cool to the touch through contact cooling. Mineral rock infused fibers provide a cooling sensation when you first make contact with the cooling side. Some of the items in the collection are reversible with cooling fabric on one side (for the warm season), and warm terry cotton (for the cool season).


QWhat is Cool-touch Technology?

A     Cool-touch Technology texture slows down the heat transferred from yourskin to the texture, reduces skin temperature by 2 to 4 ℃. This allows for longer cool feeling! Perfect for hot summer season.

QWhat is Q-max?

A     Q-max is used to assess the surface cool sensations of a garment fabric. Simulating initial touch when shopping or when donning the fabric in wear, the qmax value largely depends on the contact area between skin and fabric surface. A higher value of qmax denotes that there is more rapid movement of heat from the body to the fabric surface resulting in a cooler feeling.  The Q-max value of ordinary fabric is about 0.2, and the Q-max of Arc-Chill fabric is above 0.4, which belongs to the super cold series.                          

QHow to clean Arc-Chill bedding?

A  Good maintenance methods can extend the life of Arc-Chill bedding, allowing it to provide you with long-term care. Therefore, we recommend that you follow the following methods to clean  Arc-Chill bedding:  Please use a laundry bag to prevent tangle and scraping.  Please use water below 30℃ and gentle machine wash; Do not dry clean;Do not dry at high temperature; (High temperature drying will reduce the performance of Arc-Chill fabric) Do not use bleach, drying paper or fabric softener;If ironing is required, use a low temperature setting to avoid damage; Please refer to the relevant instructions on the maintenance label.


QWhat if I do not have a wash bag big enough to fit the comforter?

A   It is not necessary to put it one, it is just to keep it from getting tangled. If you would like, use delicate cycle, but always use cold water.  

QAfter touching the fabric for a while, it gets hot, will it cool back down?

A    Yes. It gets hot because it is absorbing your heat. The material uses the air around it to cool down. So, when you have been touching it for a while, it needs the air around it to release the heat. To make it extra cool, you can place a fan or set it in front of the air conditioner and it will become cooler faster.

QWhat does the “Arc-Chill ” stand for?

A    The “Arc” stands for Arctic, It is also known as the coldest of seven Continents. The “Chill” means relaxing or enjoying calmness.